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Visitation by Appointment

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  • Last updated:2022-06-25
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Visitation by Appointment procedure:

  • In order to save time for the spouse, relative or family member, visitation by appointment is possible.
  • Application for visitation by appointment is through internet, telephone, or on the spot at the institution.
    1. Internet appointment: please apply at https://www.vst.moj.gov.tw
    2. Telephone appointment: please call 03-4807959 extension 233
    3. On the spot: after finishing the visitation, appointment for the next visit can be made on the spot.

Time for appointment: from 00:00 of the day that is 7 days prior - 15:00 of the day two days before the desired appointment date.  If the appointment application deadline ending day falls on a holiday, then the ending day will be moved one day before the holiday.  After

  • making the appointment, the applicant must check for approval by internet or telephone at 15:00 at least one day before the appointment date.
  • Applicant who did not complete the appointment visitation up to twice within a 6 months period, will not be able to apply again for one month from the latest appointment date.
  • Real identity is required for applying for appointment. Once any fake, forgery, modified identity is discovered, the privilege of applying for appointment will be revoked.
  • After approval, the applicant, with sufficient proof of identity, must arrive at the designated correctional institute to report and register 30 minutes prior to the appointment time.
  • The visitation by appointment does not apply to holidays in the first week of every month and to Chinese holidays.
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