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  • Last updated:2022-06-25
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  • Corruption Reporting Mail Box: Taoyuan Post Office Box #110
  • In compliance with Administrative Procedure Law and Standard Procedure by Executive Yuan’s Institutions, please provide detail information of the incidence on the following: the people, the matter, the time, the place, and objects involved. Please also provide your real name, contact address, phone number or email address in order for us to start processing.
  • Illegitimate matters by employees in elsewhere other than our prison, please dial the direct line of the Ministry of Justice: 02-2316-7586. Thank you.
Department Telephone Fax
Guard and Control Section 03-4807959 Ext.239 03-4092327
General Affairs Section 03-4807960 03-4807967
Business Section 03-4807959 Ext.213 03-4992027
Edification and Education Section 03-4807959 Ext.241 03-4805132
Sanitation and Health Section 03-4807959 Ext.242 03-4807961
Investigation Section 03-4807959 Ext.245  
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